Since 1977, I have practiced various healing arts from a psychophysiological perspective. My
professional training includes modalities grounded in functional medicine, sexual and reproductive health,
and depth psychology. For decades, I have educated and created educational curriculum in those areas.
The intention of my work is to support the wholeness of human physiology and personality, through
knowledge and informed consent about nutrition, life choices, ritual, celebration, dreamwork, and
creativity. My approach is contemplative and justice oriented. My path is guided by wisdom, love, truth,
beauty, and justice as I am informed by dreams and synchronicity.

A modern way to perceive alchemy might be as the distillation of the penetrating inquiry of modern
sciences within the diamond alembic of the poetic imagination and expression. Occasionally, for the
ardent observer of the interface between poetry and science there arises the illuminated gnosis of a
singular and eternal incorruptibility. It is a state wherein one dwells with the intensity of knowing how
everything matters and how nothing matters; how all is one and all is nothing.

The limit of experience for this illuminated gnosis is unending. It encompasses the broadest reaches of
our imagination from generations before and generations to come. It evolves with the cosmos, with the
collective human consciousness, and with individual consciousness. I understand this illuminated gnosis
to be the Philosopher’s Stone or lapis sought by alchemists. In our modern life we seek the lapis when we
seek peace, love, truth, harmony, faith, and wisdom. — Geraldine Matus

Contacting the sea turtle at the entrance to a Temescal.
Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo, Mx.

My Areas of Specialty Are:
Sexual and Reproductive Health
• Self-Care (diet, lifestyle, psycho-spiritual, movement)
• The 5 th Vital Sign (menstrual cycle health)
• Fertility Awareness Based Methods
• Prenatal and Preconception care
• Mentoring and tutoring

Depth Psychology
• Dreams, Imagination, Creativity, Spirituality
• Body-Mind-soul-Spirit Connection
• Somatics / Embodied Cognition
• Psycho-physiological Health
• Love and Intimacy
• Addiction and Recovery
• Trauma Informed Care