Fee Structure

egypt 2.jpgGoddess Hathor’s dancers enliven the feeling and ethic of the deceased on the journey to rebirth.

Fee Structure

Hourly fee is $175.00 CAD ($140 USD). Sliding scale options are available for those who provide evidence of financial need.

  • FREE 15 minutes to decide if we are suited to work together.

  • Package: Initial Assessment, Review of Document, three follow-up consults. A $875 value for $800.00 CAD $650 USD

  • Single: One hour Consult $175.00 CAD $140 USD

  • Payments made through PayPal or bank e-transfer or credit card

  • If you work with me to chart your menstrual cycle you get 3 months free use of the Read Your Body App. This app uses direct observation techniques that are consistent with the Justisse Method.