World’s Geography of Love weaves an imagination of a conscious and meaningful transformation of the neurotic, inflated, and unmediated heroic ego and recovery of its soul, in alignment with love. The author illustrates this recovery of soul through psycho-spiritual transformation using contemporary dreams, visions, and ancient Egyptian funerary texts. Like the ancient Egyptian Sungod, the human ego eventually reaches its noontide zenith of expressive strength before its splendor declines. Yet there is hope for the ego that falls into obscurity, for regeneration and rebirth. Indeed, the corporeal body dies and returns to dust. Yet, many times during life there is an experience of recursive renewal of imagination and creativity for those willing to endure the disintegration of unsustainable attitudes and behaviors, and who are able to reconcile their psycho-spiritual shadow—sins and virtues—and become reborn in ethics and feeling.

Ancient Egyptian Cow Goddess Hathor. She refreshes the ethics, feeling, and sexuality of those traversing the night-hours of the Duat
(ancient Egyptian underworld).

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