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At the age of three, I became deeply interested in the mystical and natural sciences. My research started with human nature, the divine feminine, cows, and sunlight playing on silver.
That developed into an abiding interest in the mysteries of love, beauty, and truth. I now understand I was a natural alchemist.

Alchemy may be understood as a distillation of the penetrating inquiry of modern sciences within the diamond alembic of poetic imagination and expression. Occasionally, for the ardent observer of the interface between poetry and science there arises the illuminated gnosis of a singular and eternal incorruptibility, wherein one dwells with the intensity of knowing how everything matters and how nothing matters, how all is one and all is nothing. The limit of experience for this illuminated gnosis is unending; encompassing the broadest reaches of the imagination of generations before us and generations to come. It evolves with the cosmos, with collective human consciousness, and with individual consciousness. I understand this illuminated gnosis to be the Philosopher’s Stone or lapis sought by alchemists. In our modern life we seek the lapis when we seek peace, love, truth, harmony, faith, and wisdom.

World’s Geography of Love weaves an imagination of a conscious and meaningful transformation of the neurotic, inflated, and unmediated heroic ego and recovery of its soul, in alignment with love. The author illustrates this recovery of soul through psycho-spiritual transformation using contemporary dreams, visions, and ancient Egyptian funerary texts. Like the ancient Egyptian Sungod, the human ego eventually reaches its noontide zenith of expressive strength before its splendor declines. Yet there is hope for the ego that falls into obscurity, for regeneration and rebirth. Indeed, the corporeal body dies and returns to dust.

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